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Giving You Fresh Breath For Life 

The Fresh Breath Centre is an advanced facility where we can clinically measure, diagnose and treat bad breath. We have been helping to restore confidence for over 25 years.


Bad breath (Halitosis) is experienced by most people at some time. 

  • It may simply be “morning breath” but can be a persistent chronic condition which affects a person’s everyday life and confidence. 

  • It is almost always caused initially by a build up of excess bacteria in the mouth which gives off smelly gases often due to poor hygiene, badly fitting crowns or fillings and food trapping. 

  • Halitosis can sometimes be caused by diet, dehydration and health problems, all of which we look at and addressduring your initial consultation.

  • Persistent problems with bad breath (Halitosis) are often associated with gum disease (also known as Gingivitis). 

  • Gum disease may also lead to receding gums and also loss of teeth.